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Institutional Guide

KCResearch has thousands of resources created by hundreds of different institutions and people at those institutions. Would you like to know more about the institutions that produce the resources seen in KCResearch?

The institutions that KCResearch gets resources from are as varied as the resources themselves. This list highlights many of the college departments, government agencies, cities, counties, towns, organizations and school districts that have generated documents, maps, reports and data found in KCResearch.

This guide exists to help you find out where some of the research comes from and how to contact them by linking to their websites. We have broken down our institutions in to several categories and sub-categories for your browsing ease.

  • Colleges and Universities are mostly local and not-quite local schools that have produced research from different departments, offices and centers within their institution.
  • Government shows local, state and national agencies and departments that have contributed items to the repository.
  • Organizations and Corporations are non-government and non-collegiate institutions such as non-profits and companies that have resources in KCResearch.

In each section you will find a links to a list of the resources created by each institution in KCResearch in addition to a link to each creator's website.

This list highlights institutions that have two or more resources available in KCResearch, but may grow as our collection does.

KCResearch ® is the authoritative and unbiased source for all types of research about the Kansas City area as well as studies and reports done by Kansas City researchers. KCResearch also provides tools to inform users on current topics in research and facilitate conversation and collaboration between community members, whether they're professional researchers, entrepreneurs, students, or members of the general population.