The Kansas City Public Library

Viewing Results

After you click search, either from the basic search or from the advanced search forms, the server will direct you to a page listing results. These results are the documents that the database has pulled up for you, matching your search terms.

Search results are also produced after clicking one of the blue hyperlinks when browsing by topic.

Resources are automatically ranked by relevancy, or how accurate the document is to the search terms you entered or the subject you are browsing. However, resources may also be sorted in several other ways:

  • Title sorts results in alphabetical order according to the title.
  • Type sorts results by what type of resource it is, grouping together maps, articles, reports, etc.
  • Author sorts results in alphabetical order by the author of the resource.
  • Date sorts the results by listing the most recently published resources first.
  • To sort search results in any of the following ways, click once on the desired sort function on the left-hand navigation menu.

Search/Browse results may also be narrowed down in several ways, as displayed in the left-hand navigation menu. There are four general ways to narrow a search:

  • Topic narrows down a search based on specific categories that describe the content of the resources.
  • Resource Type narrows down a search to a specific type of resource like maps, articles, reports, etc.
  • Geographic Coverage narrows down a search for resources that pertain to a certain geographic area. Areas may be as specific as certain neighborhoods, cities/towns or broader localities like counties and states. As mentioned in the Advanced Search help, the geographic coverage region consists of towns and neighborhoods within Platte, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Cass, Miami, Johnson (Ks.), Wyandotte, and Leavenworth counties in the Kansas City Metropolitan region.
  • Format narrows down a search based on the file format such as PDF, JPEG, DOC, HTML/Text, etc.

The blue hyperlinks listed underneath each way of narrowing a search are called facets. Facets may be combined, but also taken away by clicking the minus inside the parentheses (-) next to the facet on the left-hand side of your search results or underneath the “Current Search” heading at the top of your results page.

Each resource is listed with a generic icon on the left-hand side that indicates the file format for the item. The title is a blue hyperlink that when clicked on will take you to the page for the item. Above each title is a download link in orange text. You may also download the resource from the item page, if allowed.

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