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Urban Sprawl

TIF, Greenfields, and Sprawl: How an Incentive Created to Alleviate Slums Has Come to Subsidize Upscale Malls and New Urbanist Developments

This 2008 article by Greg LeRoy was published in the American Planning Association’s journal, Planning & Environmental Law. In the article, LeRoy explains the unintended, negative effects of economic development incentives — including tax increment financing — that were originally created to combat sprawl away from urban centers

To Sprawl or Not To Sprawl: A National Perspective for Kansas City

Published in 1998, this lecture was originally presented by Dr. Robert H. Freilich, professor emeritus at the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Law in 1997. The lecture was presented as part of Charles N. Kimball Lecture Series sponsored by the Western Historical Manuscript Collection of Kansas City. In his lecture, Dr. Freilich provides an analysis of urban sprawl and other urban planning issues.

Landscape Effects of Urban Sprawl: Spatial and Temporal Analyses Using Remote Sensing Images and Landscape Metrics

This 2008 article by Wei Ji, Ph.D.—of the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s Department of Geosciences—presents a study of the landscape effects of urban sprawl within the metropolitan Kansas City area. Dr. Ji used remotely sensed data and landscape metrics to identify long-term trends and subtle patterns of urban land changes over the past three decades, enabling a comparison and characterization of regional urban sprawl.

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