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Property Tax Comparisons Among Kansas Localities and Select Cities of the United States

This 2006 study was underwritten and published by Kansas, Inc., an independent, non-partisan organization established in 1985 in an effort to conduct economic research and analysis relevant to the state’s ongoing economic development efforts. The study uses hypothetical homestead, commercial, and industrial properties to accurately compare property tax burdens across 118 Kansas localities and selected cities throughout the United States, over decade-by-decade intervals, from 1975 to 2005. An appendix to the report includes methodology and assumptions.

The Effect of Proposed Tax Reforms on Metropolitan Housing Prices

Sponsored by the Tax Institute of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, this 2010 study explains a potential effect of the Obama Administration’s proposed tax reform upon equilibrium housing prices in twenty-three metropolitan areas, including Kansas City. Although none of President Obama’s proposed tax reforms are directed at changing the value of housing, the results of the study indicate that the tax proposal could reduce home values, further weakening an already diminished housing sector.

The Property Tax in Missouri

This brief report prepared by Brad Hudson, a Missouri county assessor, provides information concerning the state’s property tax system. The report explains how property taxes are assessed and levied in Missouri, and how they affect individual taxpayers.

Homeowner’s Guide to Property tax in Kansas

The Homeowner’s guide to property tax is a concise guide prepared by the Barton county Assessor in Kansas explaining how personal property is valued and assessed for tax purposes. It also includes information that every Kansas homeowner should know about when and how to list property.

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