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The Kansas City Region: Economic Opportunity in the Heartland

Sponsored by the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, this 2005 paper discusses Kansas City’s industry composition — that is, the concentrations of related businesses and industries that compose the local economic base. Comparisons to national industries are included. The paper aims to assess Kansas City’s industrial specialization and diversification, as well as its role in the broader regional economy.

Long-Term Industry Trends in the Regions of Kansas, 1969-2000: Part I — An Industry Focus

This 2005 report was jointly prepared by Dr. Arthur Hall, executive director of the Center for Applied Economics at the University of Kansas School of Business and Dr. Peter Orazem, Koch Visiting Professor of Business Economics at the University of Kansas School of Business. In addition to a historical overview of Kansas’ economy, the report provides a reference for comparing specific industry performance trends throughout varying regions within the state, and the nation. According to the authors’ discussion of methodology, “This report relies on the close correlation in Kansas between per-worker compensation and productivity in order to use the trends in per-worker compensation as a proxy for relative productivity trends among the various regions of Kansas.” This report is the first of seven companion reports that consider long-term economic trends in Kansas from varying perspectives.

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