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Income and Wages

Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends

This study, based on inflation-adjusted Census Bureau data, examines income inequality at the state level. Analysis covers post-federal tax changes in real incomes among high-, middle-, and low-income families in each of the 50 states from the late 1970s to the late 1980s until recently, examining similar points in the business cycle. Data has been adjusted to account for inflation, the impact of federal taxes, and the cash value of food stamps, subsidized school lunches, housing vouchers, and other government transfers, such as Social Security and welfare benefits. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute — both Washington, D.C. based non-profit research and policy institutes — contributed to this study.

Kansas City, MO–KS National Compensation Survey: August 2010

The National Compensation Survey is an annually updated report by the Bureau of Labor and statistics, the most recent version uses data taken from 2010, but was published in 2011. In this report, tables summarize results for the Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area including wage information for employees in a variety of occupations and at different work levels. 906,200 employees and 285 establishments in private industry and state and local government are represented. Agricultural establishments, private households, the self-employed, and the Federal Government were excluded from the survey. Also contained in the report is a technical note describing survey procedures, and an appendix with detailed information on occupational classifications.

Income Data and Charts for Kansas City, Missouri

Income Data and Charts for Kansas City, Kansas

City Data uses data from 2009 research to chart income in Kansas City among different demographics. Additionally, it provides information regarding income distribution, types of occupations across demographics. The data is presented in pie and bar graphs for quick visual understanding of information.

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