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Economic Development

The 2010 State New Economy Index: Benchmarking Economic Transformation In the States

In this 2010 report by the International technology and Information foundation (ITIF) and the Kauffman foundation, researchers used 29 indicators to assess the extent to which state economies (including those of Kansas and Missouri) are knowledge-based, globalized, entrepreneurial, information technology-driven, and innovation-based — that is, structured and operating according to the tenets of the New Economy. The report ranks the states accordingly. With these rankings as a frame of reference, the report describes new, state-level public policies needed to meet contemporary economic challenges.
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Embracing Dynamism: The Next Phase in Kansas Economic Development Policy

This 2010 report was produced by Dr. Arthur P. Hall, the executive director at the Center for Applied Economics at the University of Kansas School of Business. The report was underwritten and published by Kansas, Inc., an independent, non-partisan organization established in 1985 in an effort to conduct economic research and analysis relevant to the state’s ongoing economic development efforts. Included within the report are critiques of Kansas’ existing economic development policy, and recommendations for its improvement. In particular, the report suggests that the present “industry-centric” focus of economic development efforts should be discarded in favor of a “region-centric” focus.

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