The Kansas City Public Library

Topic Guides and User Guides


Topic Guides highlight resources on topics such as Business and Economics, Education, Land Use and Planning, Law Enforcement, and the Environment by offering questions that the resources provided in each topic guide will answer.
Topic Guides can be further broken down into sub-categories that contain more specific resources.
Most of the Topic Guides link to other websites with more detailed information and resources on a topic. The links will direct you to other resources, which will open up a new tab or browser window or ask you to download the resource if it is a downloadable file.


User guides are a way of helping out researchers with information that may not necessarily be research about Kansas City, but will help build stronger communities by enabling researchers to achieve specific goals.

KCResearch includes User Guides with access to information regarding local grants, new entrepreneurship, and useful

KCResearch ® is the authoritative and unbiased source for all types of research about the Kansas City area as well as studies and reports done by Kansas City researchers. KCResearch also provides tools to inform users on current topics in research and facilitate conversation and collaboration between community members, whether they're professional researchers, entrepreneurs, students, or members of the general population.