The Kansas City Public Library

Submitting Research

If you find something that is not yet on KCResearch and you think it would make an appropriate addition to our database, please submit it for consideration.

By clicking the “Submit Research” link on the top navigation bar, you will find a form to fill out to submit a work for consideration.

We prefer that you fill out all fields so that we can properly catalog and index the resource in our database. But the required fields are your name, your e-mail address, and the resource itself, which must be uploaded. It is also recommended that you provide a title for the resource, a brief description of the resource, any groups or individuals that sponsored the research, if it has been published elsewhere, and if you are the owner of the copyright.

If you are not the owner of the copyright, please provide information—if known—about who does for us in the “Description” field.

When you have filled out all the necessary fields, click the submit button at the bottom once.

Content submitted to KCResearch is not automatically added to the repository. It is first reviewed by a librarian to ensure that it is appropriate for the collection. If selected, additional keywords are added to make it easier to find and then it is uploaded to the repository. For questions on this process, please email .

KCResearch ® is the authoritative and unbiased source for all types of research about the Kansas City area as well as studies and reports done by Kansas City researchers. KCResearch also provides tools to inform users on current topics in research and facilitate conversation and collaboration between community members, whether they're professional researchers, entrepreneurs, students, or members of the general population.