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Student Achievement

ACT Profile Reports: 2010 Graduating Class



These reports were produced by ACT, Inc., an independent not-for-profit organization whose services include education assessment and research. The reports provide information concerning the performance of 2009 graduating seniors in Kansas and Missouri who took the ACT as sophomores, juniors, or seniors. According to ACT, Inc., the reports focus upon “(1) Performance: student test performance in the context of college readiness; (2) Access: number of your graduates exposed to college entrance testing and the percent of race/ethnicity participation; (3) Course Selection: percent of students pursuing a core curriculum; (4) Course Rigor: impact of rigorous coursework on achievement; (5) College Readiness: percent of students meeting ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores in each content area; (6) Awareness: extent to which student aspirations match performance; and (7) Articulation: colleges and universities to which your students send test results.”

Testing in Kansas: an Overview

Standardized tests are the most common modern measures of student achievement in schools. Most states issue annual tests to measure reading, science, math, and history-government. This article outlines the testing process of the Kansas State Assessment including information on test administration, scoring, and preparation.

Kansas State Assessment Test Scores

Using this online tool, users can select a city and the name of a school in that city and view the results from the annually issued Kansas State Assessment, a measure of student and teacher achievement in schools.

Testing In Missouri: an Overview

This article outlines how standardized tests in Missouri are administered as well as providing information about scoring and regularity of testing reading and math as well as science, writing and social studies assessments. Standardized tests are a common feature of the modern education system, as they are used as a measure of student achievement.

2010 College-Bound Seniors State Profile Report



These reports, prepared by College Board, presents data for 2010 high school graduates who participated in the SAT program. For students who took the SAT more than once, only the most recent SAT responses are summarized.

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