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Research Considerations

There are basically four considerations in conducting grant research. You will need to research as much as you can with regard to:


You first want to check to see what foundations offer the kind of assistance you’ll need. This can be achieved by using the three approaches listed above.


You can glean information about specific companies to determine whether or not they would be a good match for your proposal. See how their mission matches with your goals to determine which would be the best partner.


Found out what kinds of grants have been awarded and who received them. Many grant-issuing foundations list past projects and types of grants have been awarded. By studying what kinds of grants have been issued in the past, you can better know how your proposal would fit in with the past grantees.


A "990" is a document submitted by the grant-maker to the IRS each year. This document contains detailed information about the grant, including how much was awarded. It provides valuable information for the grant-seeker as it breaks down the grant into its specific, component parts.

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