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2009-2010 Missouri Public School Accountability Report

Each year, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education publishes an online “school accountability report card” for each public school district, each building and each charter school. This document provides a statewide report card on key accountability measures about Missouri public schools, including information required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The purpose of the annual reports is to give parents, educators, policy makers, and the public a consistent, easy-to-use summary of vital statistics about Missouri’s public education system, pre-kindergarten to grade 12District Reports
Individual District Reports can be retrieved by clicking the second link and choosing which district you would like to see results for. The district report will provide researchers with more detailed information concerning district accountability in the Missouri Public Schools.

K-12 Public School Finance in Missouri: An Overview

This 2006 article was co-written by Michael Podgursky, professor of economics at the University of Missouri–Columbia, and Matthew G. Springer, assistant director for policy research at the Peabody Center for Education Policy, Vanderbilt University. The article examine policies that have generated school funding in Missouri, as well as the outcomes of these policies in relation to overall school spending and inter-district spending gaps.

Elementary and Secondary Education in Kansas: Estimating the Costs of K-12 Education Using Two Approaches

These 2006 cost study analyses were conducted and reported by the Legislative Division of Post Audit of the State of Kansas. Both analyses aimed to estimate the cost of public elementary and secondary education in Kansas. The first study used an input-based approach to estimate the cost to school districts of providing curriculum, services, and programs mandated by State statute; and of meeting graduation requirements developed by the State Board of Education and scholarship and college admissions requirements developed by the State Board of Regents. The second study used an outcomes-based approach to estimate the cost to school districts of meeting the educational performance outcome standards set by the Board of Education.

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