The Kansas City Public Library

Police Departments

Kansas City, Missouri Police Department 2009 Annual Report

This report produced by the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) provides a review of Department activities for the calendar year of 2009. The report additionally includes information concerning patrol divisions and facilities as well as financial summaries and crime statistics for the entire 319 square mile patrol area.

Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission 2009 Annual Report

The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is a multi-city collective of law enforcement programs and this is their annual report from 2009. The annual report consists of a series of articles concerning the activities of the Crime Commission during the year, highlighting some of their important programs like Crime Stoppers, SAFE, and Second Chance. Also included is a financial report detailing the organization’s fiscal activity.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation 2010 Crime Index

This statistical table provided by the Kansas Bureau of Information (KBI) compiles data submitted by local law enforcement to the KBI about crimes reported in Kansas. The table details the local population, the number of violent crimes, property crimes, motor vehicle theft, and arson in addition to a sum of all crimes. The counties of Kansas are listed in alphabetical order and local police departments are listed within each county. Kansas City counties featured on the report include Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and Miami.

Crime in Missouri 2009

This document was assembled by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to provide a detailed report about crime in Missouri in the year 2009. The report starts broadly with statistics and graphs regarding the general crime index in Missouri in the past years as well as 2009. Some graphs also make projects into what future crime indices may be. The scope of each type of crime is defined prior to the statistical report and data analysis.

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