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Higher Education

Foresight 2020: A Strategic Agenda for Kansas Higher Education

In 2010, The Kansas Board of Regents generated this plan for the next ten years of higher education development in the state of Kansas. It is based on five pillars, generated in 2008; but Foresight 2010 takes it further, providing specific objectives for institutions to aim for.

Kansas Higher Education Enrollment Report (KHEER)

The Kansas Board of Regents assembled reports concerning enrollment for Kansas Institutions of Higher education including public four year colleges and universities, two year community colleges, technical schools, and independent and private institutions. Users may click on the year and select the type of institution to see the results.

Enhanced Statistical Summary of Missouri Higher Education

Produced by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) The Enhanced Statistical Summary of Missouri Education is a way for researchers to access data concerning Higher education in Missouri from 1994 to the present in numerous categories. Clicking on specific reports will direct users to a customizable, interactive table of data concerning a given topic.

Imperatives for Change: Baseline Report

Produced by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), the Imperatives For Change (IFC) baseline report provides key statistical information that constructs the basis for Missouri’s strategic plan to improve higher education.

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