The Kansas City Public Library

Government Institutions

Government agencies of all levels contribute some of the most abundant collections of resources to KCResearch. We keep documents from the smallest local governments all the way up to federal government departments. They are as varied as city budgets and area plans to maps, census data and statistical reports that include information relevant to the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Kansas City is also home to several regional offices for national government departments like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and The Federal Reserve Board. So not only are government institutions important to regional life, they are crucial to the local research landscape.

For this guide we have divided up the government institutions by local, state and national agencies with a special section for the City of Kansas City, Missouri departments since the repository holds a significant number of documents for each department. Additionally, several local school districts have produced resources that we have included in KCResearch.

City of Kansas City, Missouri

Local Government

State Government

United States Government

School Districts

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