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Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Missouri: Student Achievement and Best Practices

This 2010 study was produced by Missouri’s Joint Committee on Education. The study provides a comparative analysis between student achievement gains in Kansas City and Saint Louis public and charter schools. A value-added model was used for the evaluation. The study also includes a review of administrative and instructional best practices. Data for this review was supplied through administrator and teacher interviews in Kansas City and Saint Louis.

Multiple Choice: Charter School Performance in 16 States

Conducted by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University, this report provides a longitudinal analysis of charter schools on student performance. Student-level data covers 65-70% of the nation’s charter schools, including those within Missouri. The data, accessed through student data systems and student achievement testing, is current as of the 2007-2008 school year. The report also presents state-level analyses concerning policy options.

Putting Performance on the Map: Locating quality schools in the Kansas City, Missouri School District

The Kauffman Foundation provided this report of charter schools as well as schools in the Kansas City, Missouri Public School District (KCMSD) to provide a comparative report about schools in each zip code of the KCMSD featuring statistics and analysis of performance and enrollment data.

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