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Central Business Districts

Quality of Life Plan Update 2009-2014: Downtown KcK Community

This report was produced by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) of Greater Kansas City’s Neighborhoods Now Program. The report provides an overview of planning priorities for the downtown Kansas City community for the years 2009 through 2014. Crime and safety, physical redevelopment, and economic development are addressed.

Downtown Kansas City Major Investment Map

Created by the downtown Kansas City Council in 2009, this map of downtown Kansas City illustrates major investment projects by use and location. The map lists the categories of investment—office, convention center and hotel, arts, culture and entertainment, religious, mixed-use, manufacturing, healthcare, and parking and transportation—as well as the amount of capital invested in each project.

Greater Downtown Kansas City Plan

Generated by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the plan for greater downtown is a document that details a collective vision for the future of the greater downtown area of Kansas City. The plan covers everything from housing to transportation to education and how to best execute the goals outlined in the plan. Appendices cover how the city plans to integrate green building initiatives and involve the community. Overall, it is an excellent document for citizens to see what the city has planned for future development and how they intend to accomplish goals as a city.

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