Green Development

MetroGreen Action Plan

MetroGreen, sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), is a plan to build extensive trails and nature areas in the Kansas city Metropolitan area. The trails focus on environmentally responsible development that connects people to nature without causing extensive damage to the surroundings.

Green Impact Zone: Preliminary Baseline Data Report

The Green Impact Zone, in cooperation with Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), is working to demonstrate how green development can be used in an urban core. The Green Impact Zone initiative is an effort to concentrate resources — with funding, coordination, and public and private partnerships — in one specific area to demonstrate that a targeted effort can literally transform a community.

Redesigning Kansas City's Government District Using the Urban-Design Approach of Responsive Environments

Authored by Kansas State student, Jose Abraham, this thesis presents a hypothetical redesign of Kansas City’s downtown Government District, making use of the conceptual approach provided by Responsive Environments (1985). Abraham makes the argument that the Government district in Downtown Kansas City is presently underdeveloped in terms of environmental responsiveness, but has the potential to do so.