Institutional Guide

KCResearch has thousands of resources created by hundreds of different institutions and people at those institutions. Would you like to know more about the institutions that produce the resources seen in KCResearch?

The institutions that KCResearch gets resources from are as varied as the resources themselves. This list highlights many of the college departments, government agencies, cities, counties, towns, organizations and school districts that have generated documents, maps, reports and data found in KCResearch.

This guide exists to help you find out where some of the research comes from and how to contact them by linking to their websites. We have broken down our institutions in to several categories and sub-categories for your browsing ease.

In each section you will find a links to a list of the resources created by each institution in KCResearch in addition to a link to each creator's website.

This list highlights institutions that have two or more resources available in KCResearch, but may grow as our collection does.

Colleges and Universities

Not only does the Kansas City area host several colleges and universities including the Metropolitan Community College System and University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) but it is located within two hours of three major research universities: Kansas State University, University of Kansas and the University of Missouri.

All of the above institutions have contributed valuable resources to KCResearch with their efforts to strengthen the local research community. To learn more about the research initiatives of each college, department or office please visit their websites or check out the resources KCResearch holds. The top heading for each school will link directly to their homepage.

Kansas State University

The University of Kansas

University of Missouri

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City

Companies, Nonprofits, and Organizations

Many of the resources in KCResearch come from an assortment of different institutions that are not affiliated with the government or colleges and universities. Rather, they are resources generated by organizations, philanthropic foundations, corporations, nonprofits, and other groups conducting research or providing information that might be helpful to researchers.

These institutions have contributed resources to KCResearch. While many of them are local interests, others have state-wide and national concerns with select resources pertinent to the regional research landscape. These documents have been generated for numerous purposes aside from inclusion in KCResearch. For more information on each institution click on its name; to browse the resources we have, click "In KCResearch."

Government Institutions

Government agencies of all levels contribute some of the most abundant collections of resources to KCResearch. We keep documents from the smallest local governments all the way up to federal government departments. They are as varied as city budgets and area plans to maps, census data and statistical reports that include information relevant to the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Kansas City is also home to several regional offices for national government departments like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and The Federal Reserve Board. So not only are government institutions important to regional life, they are crucial to the local research landscape.

For this guide we have divided up the government institutions by local, state and national agencies with a special section for the City of Kansas City, Missouri departments since the repository holds a significant number of documents for each department. Additionally, several local school districts have produced resources that we have included in KCResearch.

City of Kansas City, Missouri

Local Government

State Government

United States Government

School Districts