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6 Ways to Use KCResearch to Improve your Business

KCResearch is for everyone, but there are some tricks entrepreneurs can use to get the most out of KCResearch. By using some of the resources and tools we have made available, you can find out what you need to know to start a new business or improve your existing business.

1. Get Familiar With The Economic Climate

– Paying attention to the local economy can give you the edge over industry competitors. Recognizing patterns and anticipating change can help you plan for the long haul.
Local Economic Snapshot
This local economic snapshot by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is a great starting point for understanding some basics about the current local economy. The snapshot breaks down the populations of area counties and outlines economic features like Gross Metropolitan Product and area median household incomes.
Kauffman Economic Outlook 2011: A Quarterly Survey of Leading Economics Bloggers. Second Quarter 2011
Keeping up with economics blogs is another great way to understand how national and global economics have an impact on a local level. This survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation provides a unique economic outlook that does not rely so heavily on local statistics, but instead consults people who have closely observed changes in the markets.
Turmoil and Growth: Young Businesses, Economic Churning, and Productivity Gains
This paper about trends in economic growth and decline provides information for best practices to manage a business in times of flux and stability.

2. Local Taxes and Incentives

Being aware of current rates and changes in taxes is an essential function of any businessperson. However, also keeping up-to-date with programs designed to attract and retain business owners and job creators on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas Border is another factor to consider.
Quick State Tax Summary – Kansas and Missouri
This resource is an easy to use profile about the differing tax rates in Kansas and Missouri that your business may be subject to including Corporate, business, Sales, beer, and Liquor taxes.
What Are We Fighting For? The Economic Border Showdown
As an earlier blog post on KCResearch, this is a piece that discusses the tax incentives to new businesses and job creators on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas border. It points to valuable resources about tax programs available to businesses and addresses some of the turmoil involved in this debate.

3. Green Development

If you are interested in making your business more environmentally conscious, these are some great resources for local programs that are fostering green development. Going green can also be a great marketing move and might attract new consumers looking to improve their environmental footprint.
Sustainable Skylines - Kansas City
Sustainable Skylines is a program initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that chose Kansas City as one of the areas they would implement it. Sustainable Skylines works to influence environmentally conscious economic development and infrastructure.

Green Impact Zone

An initiative by Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the Green Impact Zone is a local area that seeks to encourage green development in a concentrated area of Midtown Kansas City. The Baseline report from 2010 is a great introductory document to the plan and the area and includes a number of insightful maps and tables.

4. User Guide for New Entrepreneurs

KCResearch is committed to helping local business owners thrive regardless of the current economic conditions. The User Guide for New Entrepreneurs for anyone looking to start a new business in the KC area. It provides helpful tips on financing a business, creating a business plan and licensing your business with plenty of links and suggested reading material.

5. Business and Economics Topic Guides

The Topic Guides on KCResearch are designed to highlight the best resources on certain topics in the database. In the Business & Economics Topic Guide, there are several categories which can help your business out. Try looking at Cost of Living information to guide pricing and salary decisions for consumers and employees. See Economic Development for ways to take advantage of local initiatives to revitalize certain neighborhoods and other local resources designed to foster business development. If you need information on local trends in industry—including past thriving industries and future developments--consult the Industries guide.

6. Learn More About Your Community

KCResearch hosts an abundance of information about neighborhoods within the Kansas City Area and the cities and counties that comprise the metropolitan region. Become familiar with local economic development councils and city governments. Urban planning documents such as area plans and studies can provide insight to changing areas that might prove beneficial to growing businesses. Also browse through our collection of demographic profiles and census data for detailed information concerning the make-up of your community to better serve them.
Any search or browse in KCResearch can be limited by geographic coverage on a state, county, city/town, and neighborhood level so that you can access the information most relevant to your community.

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